What is Everyone Deserves a Button?

Everyone Deserves a Button brings back that one (or more) handy button that you once had and now is gone. Car manufacturers are moving every control to a central touchscreen, but we believe not everything should be in a touch screen and you should have the option to have a button.

Is the button functional?

Yes, the button is functional and each button can be configured to send any supported command you want.

Does it require any modification to my vehicle?

No. The button was designed to work without any installation or modification required. This buttons is the first Tesla button that is 100% wireless. No installation required and no cable connection is needed.

How does it work?

The Button connects to yout vehicle using Teslas official Bluetooth Command API.

Which Tesla cars are supported?

Currently all Tesla cars are supported: All models 3 and Y and models S and X 2021+.

How do I assign commands to the button?

Our iOS and Android apps will guide you to add the button to your vehicle and configure it to send the desired command.

What commands can be assigned to the button?

The available commands at this moment are:

- Lock/Unlock Doors

- Climate Control On/Off

- Doors Unlatch/Open

- Volume Control 

- Media Play/Pause

- Media Next/Previous Track

- Media Next/Previous Favourite

- Front Heated Seats On/Off 

- Rear Heated Seats On/Off 

- Front Cool Seats On/Off 

- Rear Cool Seats On/Off 

- Heated Steering Wheel On/Off

- Open/Close Trunk

- Open Frunk

- Vent/Close all windows

Do I need internet connection?

No. The button uses the BLE API from Tesla to send the comands to the car.

How do I secure the button in place?

A double sided tape is included with the button to secure it where you want.

Will removing the button damage my car?

No, we use Command double sided tape, which can be safely removed without damaging the surface.